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2016 CE = 473 AP [Anno Publication] or 2016 – 1543 = 473, say as compared to the Goethean dating system, where 2016 CE = 266 AG [Anno Goethe] or 2016 – 1750 = 266 or 250 16 = 266, as quickly done in the mind; (b) that 1543 isn’t necessarily the start of heliocentrism, as supposedly it was previously advanced by (c.399BC), Aristarchus (250BC), and promoted by Hypatia (400AD), but rather it is the second wave of new data based idea pressure that was able to push through the barricaded resistance of older religious ideological pressure; (c) it is pre Julian calendar to Gregorian calendar correction switch years. “Letter to Howard Cirker of Dover Publications”, Aug 31, Box 5, ff.

On , the alternative “modern era”, using the abbreviations BN (before Newton) and AN (Anno Newton) or ME (modern era) dating system, dating the epoch to the birth of Isaac Newton, began to be used online, first introduced in the Isaac Newton article.

Of American works may be mentioned The Americana, the New International and the Universal Cyclopedia.

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In circa 50BC (or circa 703 AUC), Marcus Varro introduced the anno urbis conditae (AUC) or “from city founding” dating system, which dated years from the founding of Rome or 21 Apr 753BC (in Christian era years). Margaret Fuller's transnational project: self-education, feminine culture and American national literature on the German model (Margaret Fullers transnationales Projekt: Selbstbildung, feminine Kultur und amerikanische Nationalliteratur nach deutschem Vorbild) (pg.

[1] The AUC dating system, supposedly, came to be superseded, in usage, by the AD/BC dating system, invented in 525AD (1260AUC) by Roman monk Dionysius Exiguus, during the reign of Charlemagne (742-814).

Three downsides of this dating system, however, are (a) firstly the lack of easy of quick on-the-go mental calculation, e.g.

(Ѻ) This calendar system, to note has issues with it as some, e.g.

in Mirza Beg publications, use the abbreviation "BP" and "PE" to mean "before present" and "present era", respectively.

[2]In circa 1700, English physicist Isaac Newton, in incognito, would objectionably not label years as AD, but instead used AC (Anno Christum), signifying is objection to the argument of the existence of the trinity, namely his view that a person named Jesus may have existed, may have been the son of God, and may have been christened or arisen, but definitely was not the ‘Lord’ or God. In 1789, the French revolution began, during which time a considerable amount of Church property, in the form of French land and wealth, were seized for redistribution. Memoirs of Margaret Fuller Ossoli, Volume 1 (editors: William Channing, Ralph Emerson, and James Clarke) (§: Emerson, Channing and Clarke, pg.

[1] In 1790, John Stewart seems to have invented his own unique god-free morality dating system, according to which dates the zero year to the "start of man's retrospective knowledge", which he deduces by astronomical calculations (similar to Thims; see below), to have occurred 5,000-years prior to the publication of his Treatise on the Source of Moral Motion and the Moral State of Nations, or in abbreviated full: ● Stewart, John. The Moral State of Nations: Travels Over the Most Interesting Parts of the Globe, to Discover the Source of Moral Motion; Communicated to Lead Mankind Through the Conviction of the Senses to Intellectual Existence, and an Enlightened State of Nature. On Jan 1793, the revolutionaries guillotined the king, and in Oct, of this year, the newly elected body, called the “Convention”, adopted a new secular calendar, calling 1792 year one, wherein months were 30 days long, divided into 3 ten-day weeks, each day called by its number, in place of the pagan god day of week namesakes. Continuum International Publishing Group.(b) Fuller, Margaret.

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