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Other similar games with this type of programming approach include Transistor, Else Heart. Another approach used in some graphical games with programming elements is to present the player with a command line interface to issue orders via a domain-specific language to direct objects within the game, allowing the player to reissue commands as the situation changes rather than crafting a pre-made program.

Games like Quadrilateral Cowboy and Duskers have the user command several small robotic creatures in tandem through the language of code to reach a certain goal.

Now they have the option of getting a view of the world (or their part of it) which allows them to move towards or away from enemies and avoid walls.

Early games in the genre include System 15000 and Hacker, released in 19 respectively.

Programming games have been used as part of puzzle games, challenging the player to achieve a specific result once the program starts operating.

Then start a battle with a loop until 1 minute has passed (or whatever, just to see that something is going on): When the time is up, the battle is over.

Now you have a skeleton application which you can begin to flesh out and which will let you have a working program, even if you won't have time to make all the functionality you would like.

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