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Much of his life was a testimony to the divinity of Jesus Christ.Born in either 296 or 298 in Alexandria, Egypt to a prominent Christian family, Athanasius received a wonderful education in Christian doctrine, Greek literature, philosophy, rhetoric and jurisprudence.The early Christian Church, still undivided, rejoiced at the defense of the true nature of Jesus Christ.To this day, Athanasius is considered the great defender of the Faith in both the Orthodox and Catholic Churches.As he grew up, Athanasius befriended many monks and hermits of the desert, including St. Around this time, Athanasius wrote his first work, a theological treatise on the Incarnation which is still quoted extensively in Christian theological studies and spiritual literature.Around 323, Arius, an ambitious priest of the Alexandrian Church, denied the Divinity of Christ, and began spreading word that Jesus Christ was not truly divine, but merely created in time by the Eternal Father.

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Athanasius was exiled for the first time to Trier, Germany.Alexander demanded Arius produce a written statement on the false doctrine.It was condemned as heresy after two dissenting Bishops came forward.Meanwhile, a Cappadocian named Gregory was installed in Alexandria, and Athanasius went to Rome to await his hearing.Athanasius was completely vindicated by the synod, but was unable to return home to Alexandria until the death of the Cappadocian Gregory in 345.

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