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He hai two iide.x that Masiey was his grdson and had appeared in Cowards 1942 movie "In Which Wc Serve" as one ot hk children. SIX years ago a cult swcpf Australia, ll brought with it new jargon for the teenagers' a Jrcady rc^'oiutiooary vucabulary — 'Words such as "gas/' "kingr "noah;* "grtuilin/' and "fcri Jin/' New ligjii appeared oo beaches iliawing mrrictcd arcaj for the cull, Sop^s and dances wrre dcdicaicd to it. Bring lo bod, ^iriingf; boll I mimite, sitrrmf; con- suin Ely. Tot the 5ljnc£]gtb of this type of fasteiuiig before deciding, pntferably when the soil is mn J^t a Jtcr rain. An ideal feature plant to drape over rocky bank or behind pool.

"^Later, 1 ea Ucd tn Mae in Ho Uywood to make arnuigempnts for the ^low. "She stiti 1jv« in the lame apajtmcnt she had 3t the height of ber career and the door wai opened by a 45- year-old musdeman who looked me over befoie I was admiited- "^Tht; apartment Iim m Oex of deep piie while carpet, white fumiture^ gilt orna- menti. 'i wms to struck with it^ 1 decided we awtdn'i just fnllow TV style and have Mae om a stool talking^ We had to produce her, white cia rpet and al L "'When I lold her, ihe was vtrv piea*^ She if such a prof^siointi, she innsted on coming to the studio to sec that the icl reflected her way of life, ^Mae is a real production. Her success wasn't an aceidc At,, she really wnrked at it."* Mr^ Wise, 34^ is a pleaisant, c^uietly spoken American. Sha's been seeking sponsorsthp to com- pei G in the 1B6& internetionat chffni' pionshps overseas. BJend ctm^rd p^iii-dct^ wlih a Utile of the mtlk^ add remaindir of mi Ek and mgar. Jd hy Btou( stakes, Ttcj Ec may be seturcd hy dovuig ihr Vn sboiit sl font mtd Lhr ground ai the ba5«^ of ihe hatik, then balding^ them at the top by a xitrnt wirr„ fixed ta a peg a few feet beyood ilic top. In other cases, the itccti Df may be secured by I2in. meeal pin^ made frqm p E«:es raf Jki, rdinforcc- ment txd, or by £tout hardwood stakes, with a notrh or trail near thm top to catch the wire. H IS, W 30, Att^af £ive, dense, ahomt fern- Itlic^ prc^tjqle growth, with safi appear- ;uice.

Major Esierhfliy, who.«e evidence had convinced the Jewi Oi (tffjcer^ Dreyfm^ of ireaflon ^nd condemned him to life imprisoftmrnt on Devil '1 isjaad^ now admitted fc^rging the dorunient setting out the «crets Hheyfui wm siippoiied 10 have jjpicd ou^ for Germ liny.

Quite apart from her natural tt- acdon to anti-iemitinitn, Rache Fs tympatbiej were en- gaged by Mty cmelty and injustice.

• Fii U'boan J Kcannnodaliam foir 2X-^j to or uf c^bi Eorap Cft B countries * Efi Ciirtcd, full-boud acdnx Dnadatioii for acva-dar l EHnr of Enslijul and Scollijid, * Sighft^eetiig Cn Ets in Lamkm^ a; speciikd m itmermry. NEW NEEDLEWORK OFFER Christmas toys for girls and boys THE four dcliglitful toys shown on these two pages C3n be obtained from Fashion House, M4/6 Sussex St., Sydney, Po^Jtal addrraa: Toy Of Tcr,' Box 4060, Sydney 2001. Angus: 70 cents plus 9 centt post End dii^patc K Neddy: 55 cents plus 5 cenll p O! (cauifolium, Prote JU, Que JXUfl ilek — the lio Uy qai, Virg Uia capemia, Oibef imaller ibrubt, »part frfon i lew a-lready niejuitjiiird^ arc tuilabie.

in Jt/Ii E ANDREWS I Mi Af i Vf ST ft OB£RT WISE, iamous Hollywood direct&r, who r¢iy visited Sydmy. Her faith fnl butler wm jctill with her, aad the car- riage wm kept ofi, idgedier with the two footmen in livery, Rachel slnwly recovered her interest in the wnrld. ^ Poctcisge of one a Ycnk^e'slzed siiljcaw per pi JTSiipi tm £aiop4^ nd UJL taiif% two avengf&^ind niit- cuqi per pcfion w initial aj Triv^i and dcputuie from T(»Hf dwte- class tro Yel You travel lo and ffioin Engluid m (HK-flx Q DUti J^'afd voyagf nji the Orj DVi, lioui Fwiird on the Hiinalavo. N^1900) covens ac€Qoi Eru Hliiiun in four- bcrih rahins, but Lwu-bf^rih rabim ure aval Libk for sljghiiy cxtr J. rr AUAN — prr fiwort, PORTUGUESE — /«i fai Mfr^ obri^^do, Mm, tuw, Thrs'c'ii DO antindimax la uur wx^rld tour. pliu 13 pa M:a«e dlnw Lf^^ Gervtettei 4T{i W cmt A e^M^. Filling for the toys and yam for Cindy Lou^x hair and Ncddy^i mane m tvat included in the kits. Cindy Lou'e hair h made from DPC ba U of hlack niohair knitting yam, Neddy's ninnt^ and lail from one and a haif bal Ja of black wool. I was handed over to another rmnie'; aide, a kindly, expcticftccd. It was, I soon learnt, a frantic riuih to get everything done in time, Addie, ai the nurae'j aide was papu Urly knr Dwn, hrtikr mc m very gcn Uy. Joan was j Qsr 49, hut a brain operaiion had left her helple^ Her husband visited her nearly every evenin^» bringing cgg-euslards he l^d baked him'^rif, mas Kagrng her face with akin cream, and applying makc HJp to show us how pretty she had been. I was handed a thermom^ Knowing nothing about ferrifted qs she faced eler and a watch and put tbrotigh my paees. (Grace Bros., Menswear Shorts and Sports Shfri Depts., afl stores.) For her: Royal terry short shorts (black, pink, yellow, whtte. Junipers^ L«ntanap, Lavandula, Leptcopermuma, ^fe Ialeuca hypertc Hnlia, Pi Nialyria K F^ort^ Wp Polyip Ua T Raphi Dlepii^ Spartium . Glwy rounded folbi^c, v'arirgatdd green and cream — full nm tchiti with cream and silvery gieen, H. • Toffjil Af 12 piglilf' Kc Aii Lmodjiluin At we U-sihu Jlefl Lnulaa kalclik, mclvdin^ dnawrt aiul bnakfast ^ TTaiiitljtdn& on arnvals ami dcpau-tnm wteir put ol tawr itiiienry. ptui ife ccnfbi poc^i L-cr tjoa A^p/^xti Hn, t11^91T OF THX&E i'(ynicii Ji: K« l^t AMAdvm ■LVMJimb:!!! trm»d rtwdy m e^v uid idsibnj Wwr on taut, iri«a, irrty, wmkid. Thry are avaiibbic cut out ready la sew with fi Ul making direct iom. il and dispaich^ Hoppy: 70 ceuti plus 9 cej Jti post and dispatch. Old nylon blockings, wa^fapd, dr'icd, and cut into small pieces^ are au incxpcnsivfe tenia tive. Every momlng we had to baihe each of the female patients and dress ibem in f R3h lughi Rowiu and comb ibdr hair. TPR was trauiilated as Tempciacnre, Pulse, and Kcspiration. They include: Ca»»a^ CUtu», Cotoiie- ai^t«» Co Je Dnema, or Diocma luicir^pbylla^ Crowea^ Cineraria mauritima. Young people na longer went lo the closest beacii for ji dtp nr a iwtm. A ptaglarisl is Hkefy Iq (ji) go la any knf ihs to avoid something unpleasant? Four into frccj-er trays, free/c until parlially 5tec Turn into bowl, beat until Lhucfc juid smooth, adding vanillu. Motstnn ii first by spreading out and hosing oeeasicmally for a d&y or so^ or by leaking the Ijs I* for two days. ^'Coward nid he considered Masey to be the only actoi who hjid 'the iiyle and form* to play him. Daihid U every hat as good an actor as hiy dad^ perhaps better." P age 2 Turn Anm*iia« Wosq^i Weski-t - Ckiobce 16, National Library of Australia 23 At 15, Judy is a champion board-rider A GIRL WHO RULES THE WAVES By MARGARf T ANK KAN DAL JUDY mm m Om Why beach, N. And moil probably sa]«i ti J Inn Da J and blcath M went up Ijccai Lw- uf Six year* ago siw the boom of aurtlward- riding. 6, Mtu Geof^iaa Yeab tficd in Ai^mf in Dublin, Why was hex bw Aar Ml famom? Australia has a larger area ol laad withn r tropics l' correct? dlradtialh add ]ealen egg-yolk^, stir in bul Trrj o Uow 10 ciool, Add di^alvrd getaliite and, liinily, fold in stii Tly i N^atcn egg-whites. Store, Chatsweod.) Pleated mrylone skirt (by Dalkeith) in white, blue, and range of sizes. Where bulks afc too siwp to hold soil temporarily, straw may be used a Llmost rntirety, » its fuoction is l Uainly to hold the plant in contact with the sffli at the bank and retain nwistnn: aromid the root^ Use a generous layer that will mal dc^wti to about ftn indi in thir'kneas.

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