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Nathaniel Fujita was found guilty of murder in the first degree with deliberate premeditation and with extreme atrocity or cruelty.Moments after the guilty verdict, Lauren's father did something no one expected.He remembered that he -- grabbed this -- bungee cord and put it around her neck and began strangling her.It was as though, he said, he wasn't controlling - himself. He cleans up the garage."He wasn't exhibiting a single symptom of psychosis.It was his body acting while his mind was -- was disconnected from-- from what was happening. He was criminally responsible," Mc Govern continued.

When such fads and sensations occur online, they tend to grow rapidly and become more widespread because the instant communication facilitates word of mouth.The bungee cord is a weapon of opportunity, its just there in the garage ... he chose to kill Lauren Astley, and his intention to kill and to murder was manifest ...""I know this boy. Nathaniel is not somebody who could kill," George Mattingly told Smith.It was a brief onset of this psychotic episode," Sullivan addressed the court. He changed out of his bloody shoes into another pair of sneakers. "It's got to be mental illness it's got to be something that caused the boy that I knew to -- to be on the wrong end of something like this."For friends and family of Lauren Astley, the three-week murder trial was excruciating."Testifying was incredibly emotional for you," Tracy Smith noted to Genevieve Flynn."Yeah, it was horrible. I wanted to say the right thing to make sure the right thing happened for her," she replied in tears.Nathaniel, 21, is sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole."Awfully harsh," Mattingly said of the verdict. now he is a warehoused person with a number," Mattingly said. For going over to see if he was OK," Genevieve cried."Nathaniel does not deserve to be thrown away."Despite the outcome at trial, the Fujita family believes mental illness drove Nathaniel to murder Lauren."... "Mental illness is real and nobody asks for it...""When is he even going to apologize," Mary Dunne wondered."Do you have questions for him? Lauren's mother believes her daughter's story should serve as a wakeup call."She walked right in to this," Mary Dunne said.

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