Malayalam film rajamanikyam online dating

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Samuel wants to hide the news of selling the house from his daughters; he asks the Cobras to hide the news for another 6 months until their studies are over.The Cobras say that they will delay the registration until the 6 months have passed, and during that period they will stay at Samuel's house as tenants.Then Kari comes into the ring and he gets badly beaten too.

Once she plays a cruel trick by saying that Sajeev had died.

Meanwhile, Isaac (Babu Antony) and his brother are trying to forcefully take Samuel's house and his hospital.

Isaac tries to humiliate the Cobras on the day of the inauguration of his new physical fitness center.

The film tells the story of the two brothers: Raja (Mammootty) and Kari (Lal). But on the day of the marriages, one of the brides is late for the ceremony.

Gopalan (Saleemkumar) and Balan (Manian Pilla Raju) play the roles of their security guards. Thinking that she has eloped, Raja cancels the marriage. There they meet Samuel (Lalu Alex) who is looking for prospective buyers for his house.

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