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I used to use Hero Engine and was around when The Repopulation (another major MMORPG made using Hero Engine with a successful Kickstarter) was just starting out.

I happened to see Monique’s post in their forums that she was looking for a programmer.

The racial identity of your character is not pigeonholed because you can select a wide range of skin tones.

And finally, the body shape and size has many more options than is typically found in these games.

For Pumpkin Online, tackling a huge project like an MMORPG based on our research, with the current team we have working part time is a much higher amount than what we posted on Kickstarter.

However, we’re a huge fan of the Indie community and we want to ease as much of a burden financially as possible off of their shoulders.

What that means is you’re not asked to select male or female at the start of the character creation, or lock certain clothes or body features based on body type.[Malik]: In terms of programming, the difficulty depends on the way things are programmed.

I know that if we are able to get our voices heard, that we will succeed in every goal that we set forth.[Monique]: Honestly for the company name I really wanted it to be named after some kind of food.

I remember, kiwis and apples were considered but I just really like the sound of the word pumpkin.

Roehrich, Manager of Editorial Services While perusing my Tumblr dashboard last Saturday afternoon, I came across a post about Pumpkin Online, an Indie game being developed by seven game designers.

Frankly, I love all things pumpkin, so a game with pumpkin in the name grabbed my attention.

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