Is ryan phillippe still dating abbie cornish

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I’m tired of getting sh*t on,” he said in a recent radio interview. ” What do you think: Is Ryan Phillippe a victim of unfair press reports, or does he sound like he’s trying to cover up his illicit behavior?

If home is where the heart is, as the saying goes, then for the past year, Australian­-born actress Abbie Cornish’s home has been in Los Angeles, where she shares a house with Ryan Phillippe not far from where she’s sitting at the Chateau Marmont on a recent summer afternoon.“I guess I was lucky because it was love that brought me here, not work,” says the 27-year-old Cornish, the star of Jane Campion’s new movie, , as she unexpectedly allows a bland question about residency to steer the talk from professional accomplishments to personal attachments.

“I think the city feels and looks a little bit different because of that.”Why she broaches the subject of romance is inexplicable, since Cornish stiffens when asked directly about her boyfriend.

As any celebrity junkie knows, the couple met two years ago on the set of .

At times, the film has an almost documentary look and feel. I especially liked the performances of Linda Emond, as King's mom, and Abbie Cornish, as a young woman who tries to help King. Characters are rather stereotyped and two-dimensional. I could have wished for a little more depth, and a plot twist or two. Yet, "Stop-Loss" is a noble effort to document the brutality not only of war but also of an American government that uses, then basically throws away, people, to ensure the preservation of an American war industry and continued power of faceless bureaucrats and corrupt politicians.

It's a fate that neither King, nor real-life soldiers, want or deserve, but which the U. Back home in Texas, King and a couple of his men briefly celebrate their hero status. As such, he or she is caught between having to resubmit to the horrors of war, or submit to a perilous and life-altering AWOL status in the U.Missing her main man was Judd Apatow producer Shauna Robertson.She’s Ed Norton’s longtime lady friend, yet Ed was nowhere to be seen when Robertson was honored as “Super Producer.” Reps for Norton were contacted regarding his absence.To celebrate her recent graduation, Phillippe did what any sugar daddy would probably do: whisked his beautiful younger woman on a luxury trip to Hawaii.Slagter has also been seen spending time with Phillippe’s kids.

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