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She says she was frequently publicly shunned, humiliated and ridiculed by her colleagues, in particular Ms Mendez-Child and two of her gay colleagues.

At the tribunal, Ms Mendez-Child denied such claims.

‘I’m a very organised, hard-working person so the job, which is quite intense, suited me, and I worked with a very tight-knit team of people who were lovely and to whom I became close.

‘I would go out for meals with many of them, invite them round to my flat, visit them at their homes and go to concerts with them.

Being a single mother is tough but I had plenty of support from my colleagues and I was very happy at that time.’ Lillian Ladele's complaints were upheld by the Central London Tribunal this week Among Miss Ladele’s colleagues were several gay men and women who were attracted to Islington because of the ‘right-on’ image of the council, but she says she had exactly the same relationship with them as with her other co-workers.

She says, however, that problems began following the appointment of Helen Mendez-Child as Superintendent Registrar – and her manager – in 2000.‘From the start, she was hostile towards me, although I have no idea why she took a dislike to me,’ she says.

She returned to work in November that year, a month before the first civil partnership ceremonies began to be carried out across the country.

Two Islington council employees, Viktoria Kingsley and Fiona Dunning, became the first gay couple to ‘marry’ at Islington Town Hall on a day the council dubbed ‘Pink Wednesday’, when all eight couples were given free pink champagne to celebrate their unions.

‘She just looked at me and wouldn’t engage in a proper discussion about it.The devout Christian registrar who won a landmark legal battle over her refusal to carry out gay ‘weddings’ has spoken for the first time about the devastating campaign of bullying she suffered at the hands of her politically correct colleagues.Lillian Ladele says she was treated as a ‘pariah’ because her traditional values were at odds with the dogmatism of equalities-obsessed Islington Council.‘This experience has shattered me,’ she said. For more than two years of my life I was treated as though I was full of hate, which is just not me at all.‘I was very upset because I’m not confrontational and I didn’t feel I deserved it.I ended up being off work for a month with stress and when I came back she was so aggressive that I made a formal complaint about her to the head of our department.

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