Dating vintage shoes

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First, Adam Levine showed his appreciation for Gwen Stefani after her team was eliminated by wearing a vintage No Doubt T-shirt under his cardigan.

And now Stefani is cheering on “Team Blake” with a pair of custom slip-on Vans sneakers with Blake Shelton’s face printed on them.

In case you missed it, Gwen’s been getting in touch with her country girl roots, wearing 5 pair of mud-splattered jeans and camo-print caps.

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The condition is great with a few minor spots here and there (see photos) and just a bit of wear at the mid sash (see photos). It's very dry and no longer viable, but I'm leaving it on the coat so your furrier can use as a pattern. Again, I used to buy lovely bodices like this and hung them on a padded hanger and then used a simple push pin and hung them all over my walls in my bedroom!!! So the dress used to be longer, and likely had a bit of a train. I get a lot of people asking for gowns that perhaps aren't in perfect condition as it keeps the price affordable...

A second snap showed Shelton cozying up to his girlfriend wearing his signature pair of cowboy boots.I still have a few rhinestone tiaras that are in my private collection, and I am close to adding this to my own collection as well, so think fast. He must have been the king of these fashionable cloches! One seam in the sleeve (I'd do it but I don't have a sewing machine), and one thread loop needs fixing on one sleeve (4 buttons on each sleeve). The black beading on this overdress gives the look of a 20s necklace hanging down the front... This jacket is interesting as the material seems to be a woven linen rather than a wool. :) You can wear the jacket either closed (doublebreasted with one button closure) or open (creating a bit of a swing shape). 21" long from shoulder to hem, 18" across back (though there are no shoulder seams to measure for sure), Perhaps up to 38" bust. Excellent condition though the chinchilla could use a cleaning/glazing from your furrier as there's a bit of an odor (I have a sensitive nose! For those of you who are VERY VERY fashion forward, you COULD wear this insideout. If you look closure (basically you have to stick your head up and underneath and look out to see a bit of daylight through the fabric) and a few hooks/eyes missing, a bit of tearing of lining only.These cloches were created either with various color bullion threads or for a more natural look... a slight nod to the Egyptian design so popular in the 1920s (partly due to the unearthing of King Tut's tomb in 1922). Under the bright lights you might see a tiny bit of darkening under arms, but most of this gown is still bright and shiny with very little tarnishing.After Tuesday night’s show, Stefani lost both of her remaining contestants, Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown in a surprising elimination result.And even though Levine was sweet to support the star with his wardrobe choice, Stefani seems to be cheering for another team in the season 12 finale.

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