Dating ibanez artist guitars

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(Of course, I couldn’t help thinking the hot-rod looks of this Ibanez might incur the ire of a jazz purist.) The VBF70 Vintage Vibrato tailpiece worked extremely well for adding a very dimensional vibrato to chords.

It stayed in tune remarkably well, thanks in part to the bridge’s rolling saddles, and even when I used the vibrato pretty aggressively, lowering the pitch a major second on the highest string, the Ibanez stayed close to pitch.

The Verdict Ibanez’s AFS80T pulls off the trick of delivering ’50s-style archtop flavor—and remarkable quality—at a ’50s price.

Purists may not get too excited about the flash hot-rod looks, but less dogmatic archtop customers and the psychobilly set are likely to dig the Le Mans-meets-Nashville design.

The 24 3/4"-scale fretboard is cut from rosewood, as is the base for the Tune-omati-style bridge.Aesthetics aside, the AFS80T plays extremely well and it humbuckers, while not super-complex in more nuanced applications, have enough bite and definition to work well in a variety of contexts from country to rockabilly to jazz.Given the rock-bottom price, it’s hard not to declare this fast looking hot-rod a winner. you’re a rockabilly player who loves when cars and guitars collide or you want to experiment with hollowbody tones without breaking the bank. you’re looking for a really complex-sounding jazz box or you’re a fan of understated looks. Switching to the bridge pickup worked great for some Keef-flavored open-G crunchy rock.And the tone was tight and free of mud—leaving chords to ring so I could clearly discern the individual notes and overtones within each grip.

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