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On one occasion, an attractive young woman begged Le Mesurier to take her to a ditch and ­ravish her.

Ever the gentleman, Le Mez politely declined — but not before delivering a wry one-liner worthy of his on-screen alter ego: ‘Well, my dear, I’d like to oblige you but it’s rather late and dark,’ he said. ” before tempting them to join him on late night adventures.

‘And I really can’t see myself ­clambering about at this time of night looking for a ditch.’That’s not to say Le Mesurier didn’t enjoy getting up to mischief. He loved to unwind at jazz clubs and cocktail bars.

After a long day’s filming, he would call up his friends and, in that wonderfully soft, snug and ­languorous tone of his, enquire conspiratorially: “Play time . He relished fine wine, good food and great ­company.

Indeed, nothing irritated co-star Arthur Lowe more than turning up to have his make-up done only to discover Le Mez, as he was affectionately known by friends and colleagues, already ensconced in the hot seat with three women ­running round after him, pandering to his every whim.

One would be giving him a manicure while another attended to his famous mane (Le ­Mesurier was a connoisseur of shampoos and conditioners and always cared about the quality of his coiffure).

The only trouble was, the women to whom he lost his heart never reciprocated that loyalty.

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‘I once actually saw him charm a make-up girl into taking the watch off his wrist, winding it up and then putting it back on again,’ recalls Ian Lavender, who played the naïve Private Pike.Le Mesurier’s tolerance for ­alcohol was as legendary as his appeal to the fairer sex.But despite that appeal and innumerable opportunities to take advantage of it, when it came to matters of the heart, Le Mesurier was most ­definitely a one-woman guy.The cast always stayed at the The Bell Hotel in the heart of the ­market town and it was there, in the bar, that Le Mesurier would hold court every night, sipping spirits and telling stories.Yet never once did he appear to be the worse for wear the following day — unlike some of the actors who kept him company.

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