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So we would encourage you to continue as it is not only critical for Michael's health, both physical and psychological, but it also provides Holly with a much needed respite knowing that when she is not in the hospital Michael continues to have his social contact with others.As a reminder, Michael's room is on the second floor in the Veterans Unit of the Fishermen's Memorial Hospital.Unfortunately and as much as he loves the visits, he is in a state of exhaustion.What we are trying to do now, is to ask that you check at the Nursing Station, before entering Michael's room., to receive permission to To all who feel they have been hurt by the failures of the Church, we want to express compassion and hope that we are able to move on together.Moving on is a project that requires patience and forgiveness and sensitivity to one another, but it is at the heart of what we are about in the Church.We invite you to tour our website and discover some of the richness of our parish.If you are a parishioner, we hope that you will find the information you are seeking here on the website. John’s, we hope that the website will assist you in discovering St.

If the nurse isn't present at the station, please wait to speak to a nurse before entering.Visit (and Like) us on Facebook to follow what’s happening at the Cathedral. God bless you Stephen Williams 15th Dean of Newcastle.Visit (and Like) us on Facebook to follow what’s happening at the Cathedral. Michael and Holly also enjoy the cards they are receiving from the parish and community.For those that can not visit or would like to send Michael and Holly a more personal message, you can leave a note or card in the basket at the back of the church. There are also some blank cards kept in the basket for your convenience.

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