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Husserl considered the modern period to culminate in his phenomenology.Voegelin was beginning to see that existentialism and phenomenology were strong limitations.Yet Voegelin broke from Husserl in 1943, after reading the latter's last book and by Hegel, Comte, and Marx.

One feels justified, therefore, in attempting a due investigation of Voegelin's blend of political theory, theology, and historical analysis.

Biographical Factors Eric Voegelin (1901-1985) has been described as a political philosopher and a philosopher of history.

His philosophy of transcendence was sympathetic to Buddhism, and he is said to have become a monist. "Jaspers felt himself personally threatened by Heidegger's infamous decision to support the Nazis, as he was married to a Jewish woman" (Chris Thornhill, Karl Jaspers, 2011).

He subsequently became an associate Professor at the University of Vienna, teaching political science at the Faculty of Law.

In 1910 he moved to Vienna, where he gained a doctorate in political science.

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