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They paralyzed the country with their persecutions against “bourgeois elements” and “capitalist roaders,” reaching as deep into the top leadership as Deng Xiaoping, who was paraded in public wearing a dunce-cap, but eventually was able to put an end to all the insanity after Mao’s death.America’s own cultural revolution has worked differently.It also must be self-evident that there is such a thing as a black English dialect in America.With perhaps a few lingering regional differences, it is remarkably uniform from Miami, Florida, to Rochester, New York, to Fresno, California.Jim James Howard Kunstler “It’s All Good” So I was subjected to attempted character assassination via social media by this Rhonda Frederick person — faculty or student, she did not say — who admits to not having been present at the incident in question.

It tends to be spoken by educated people and by people in authority.Whether Kunstler was using stereotypes about black people to be provocative, or whether he believed the ignorance he spouted, my response is the same: I cannot allow this kind of ignorance into my space and I am not the one to cast what he said as a “teachable moment.” I do think there should be a BC response to this, as the university paid his honorarium and for his meal.Here’s some contact information for anyone interested in sharing your thoughts on how BC should spend its money: Lowell Humanities Series at Boston College ( Rhonda— That is not quite what I said.It is fully supported by the faculty and administration.While they have been super-busy constructing speech codes and sex protocols, it seems they haven’t had any time for establishing ethical norms in the use of the Internet.

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