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Nick decides to stake out Monroe's home at night; however, Monroe is already aware of Nick.Monroe ambushes Nick, the two briefly grapple; Monroe subtly and voluntarily forfeits the fight.Monroe then proceeds to try to lecture Roddy on "not being stupid" and how he has talent. Monroe is Hap's emergency contact, and offers to put him up after his house is burnt down.When Angelina attack Nick outside his house he intervenes to stop them killing each other.As Monroe flees, a man dressed as a priest attacks Marie, but she fights back and kills him just as Nick arrives.Sadly the stress was too much for her weakened body to take, and she dies in Nick's arms. Monroe explains a little about the habits of Mellifers and follows a scent to an office, where Nick finds an envelope addressed to Melissa Wincroft.Monroe is at first a little irate but agrees happily enough, though he says "Don't you dare say heel! Nick teases him a little by saying "Good boy." Nick and Monroe then go to a mansion where they find the floor covered with dead bees and proceed up the main staircase until they reach the upper floor where they find large hives.After researching in Aunt Marie's trailer, Nick goes to ask Monroe for more information.

He tells Nick this, and that it is taking all his control not to assist her.

He follows one of the assassins down into the hospital basement, and is ambushed by a second assassin.

Monroe assumes his Blutbaden form and severely beats the two, tearing off the arm of one of the assailants.

Before she leaves Angelina tells Monroe that she still loves him.

Monroe and Nick go to rescue Holly Clark, a young Blutbad that had been living as a wild thing in the woods for nine years.

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