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However, this is less than 10pc of what Mrs Stapleton needs to prevent her son and Pippa from being separated.Mrs Stapleton said she could not bear the thought of letting Pippa go.Have you ever tried opening a heavy door without touching the handle?I did and I sought a hand sanitiser as quickly as I could. Firstly, that outrageous hospital porter was jus...She said: “If I let her go, I will think about where she ended up all my life. “I’ve tried so hard to explain to him that she’s got a bad heart, because all they want to do is play but the vet say she needs to be kept calm. It has changed his life having this dog, but the vet says she could die any minute.” The seller of the dog has refused to explain how she acquired Pippa.If you would like to donate money towards the surgery, please visit Mrs Stapleton’s fundraising page.

However, the vet revealed that Pippa had much greater problems - the arteries to her heart were found to be blocked.The company approached six specialist off president of plastics for the American Chemistry Council."The next step is to increase awareness, so that more people take advantage of this opportunity to do something good for our environment and for the businesses that depend on this valuable...In order to save Pippa’s life, she needs a balloon valve implant, costing £3,500 plus consultation fees.Mrs Stapleton did not get Pippa insured as her previous insurers never offered to pay out for her last dog’s treatments. Her son Danny has developed a strong bond with Pippa, who Mrs Stapleton says is happy and settled at their home.

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